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For ages, right jobs and right people have been playing hide and seek, mostly missing each other. The large number of seasoned recruiters on Hiring Express help match those ace candidates to those jobs. 

The perfect recruiter marketplace where great companies find top talent.

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How it Works

an Open Job

Describe your job in as much detail to
help us attract the best talent.

Recruiters Find
Matching Candidates

Let a whole host of skilled recruiters get to
work and find you the ideal candidates.

Reach Offer
Stage Faster!

Pre-assessed, high-quality resumes and
AI-assisted rankings, make hiring ideal
candidates faster than ever.

Our Pricing

Hiring Express works on the ‘Name Your Own Price’ model for Employers. You decide the fee you want to pay for every open position, and if it is lucrative enough for the recruiters, they will find the best candidates for you.
We take only a small percentage of that fee as Platform Fee and pass on the rest to the recruiter.

  • Zero job-posting fee

  • Zero subscription fee from Employers

  • Zero subscription fee from Recruiters

  • Zero subscription fee from Candidates

  • No fee from candidates

Hiring Managers
Get wider visibility for your job

Gain access to a wide array of recruiters dedicated to finding the ideal candidates for your jobs. They understand the nuances of your requirements and know which candidates will work best for you. That way, you start with high-quality candidates who are already interested in your job.

Agencies / Recruiters / Freelancers
Choose from a wide selection of job postings

Pick the ones that are best aligned with your recruitment expertise. Submit your best candidates for the right jobs. Get paid for candidates that get hired.

Work with many hiring agencies at once, expand your workforce!

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>  360-degree view of candidate profiles with pre-interviews, skill & coding assessment, AI-based ranking and video introductions

>  No job listing fee

>  Collaborative hiring by your hiring managers

>  Seamless integration with most popular Applicant Tracking Systems

Talk to our expert to understand how we
help you land the right hire
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